A 2-for-1 trade may be a draft-day steal for the Pistons.

Troy Weaver, the Detroit Pistons’ general manager, isn’t interested in hiring bank robbers or getting mugged, but he is willing to steal a great pick or player in tonight’s NBA Draft if he can. Weaver is known for his front-office philosophy of swinging for the fences and taking big risks, which is why he’s considering a trade-down scenario to acquire more first-round picks. The Pistons have brought in several top prospects, including the impressive Thompson twins, who could be perfect for the team. Ultimately, Weaver wants to maximize the value of the pick the team earned despite being robbed in the draft lottery, and he’s open to different opportunities to make it happen. If he plays his cards right, Weaver could lead the Pistons to a bright future in the league.

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